Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What is the process of participating?

A1.  Getting involved is easy:

  1. Download a PDF of the play THE SUBJECT by clicking here.
  2. Host a public reading of the play.
  3. After the reading, hold a discussion about sexual assault issues and how the community can work together to end violence.

That’s it!  Readings are being held in theatres, libraries, universities, dorms… it can be as formal or informal as you wish.

We at the project hub will provide:

A script, a project web page listing all of the readings, and social media pages.  Thus, all of the readings will be connected virtually and can participate in/communicate with the larger initiative.

We will not be providing: 

Funding, individual reading coordination, or individual PR.  The project hub essentially connects a string of individual presentations.  Each organization will independently arrange each’s own venue, cast, and director.  The intent of this framework is so that individual organizations can maintain control over each’s reading to best suit local audience/artists/community/resources/style.

How do I get my reading listed on your web page?

Please send us as much information as you have, such as:

Date of reading

Time and location of reading

Organizer name: Theatre/University Department/Student Group/Other

Director name

Project coordinator name (if different than director)

Links to information on your organization’s web site

If some of this information is unknown, that’s fine – please send as much as you have now and the rest later.

Q2.  What is the play THE SUBJECT about?

A2.  You can read all about the play here.

Q3.  Can I partner with other organizations to present a joint reading?

A3.  Yes.  For instance, some professional theatres want to collaborate with a university, and others want to collaborate with a sexual assault survivor resource center.

Q4.  What about money issues?

A4.  Here are some guidelines:

Free use:

The general principal for these readings should be based on that of most protests: free to attend, free to participate.

The use of the play for the purpose of The Subject Project reading is free.  The playwright Carolyn Kras has given permission.

Can we charge admission?

We prefer that readings be free and accessible to all.  However, we realize that given space rental fees, this will not be possible in all cases.  Please keep admission fees as low as possible.  This protest initiative should be about the issues and not a fundraiser for the the theatre.

Can we crowdfund?

Please do not create a crowd funding campaign for your reading.  We can’t have lots of Kickstarter campaigns going at the same time.  You may use your organization’s regular funding if you so choose.

Can we collect charity donations?

Yes, you may, for instance, pass around a bucket for audience donations to charities that provide sexual assault survivor resources.  This is not required, however.  If you collect donations, please send them directly to the charity, not to us.

Q5.  Can we record the readings?

A5.  This must be discussed on an individual basis.

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here?  Email